What Foods You Can Treat to Your Pet?

Dogs are the most preferred pet animal around the world and when it comes to the food list of their pets, people prefer to choose organic dogs treats as it would be more benefits for their health. But in real, it is not only enough to provide dogs with organic dog treat either it may be from food producer or home made one. Apart from organic dog treats it is more important to provide best dehydrated dog food for your pets. In most of the cases people gets confused what to feed to their pets? When it comes to dog growth people fail to understand that even dog food feeds get changed based on the growth so it is more important to provide them with best dog food.

How to make dehydrated dog foods in home?

You may wish to offer best dog food to feed your dog in that case you needs to make food for your dogs in home instead of buying them with any dog food producer. Some may search for home made recipes for dogs to provide best senior wet dog food. To make the process simple and clear here are some of common dehydrated homemade recipes are listed below such as

  • Dehydrated liver treats
  • Sweet potato chips
  • Vegetarian cookies dog treat

Dehydrated liver treats:

It is an organic liver treat with beef liver in case if your dog is sensitivity to beef then you can try other liver sources. To make the recipe cut the liver into strips, dehydrate it. After 24 hours grease them with cookie sheet and bake them for 45 minutes in oven. Once it is backed make them dry in rack and treat them as natural organic treat to your pet.

Sweet potato chips:

Take three organic sweet potatoes peel their skin and cut them into slice arrange them in the dehydrator for maximum 8 hours. Once it is dried well you can feed to your dog as an organic food.

Vegetarian cookies dog treat:

Take a bowl and mix dry milk powder, organic flour, brown sugar, vegetable oil, fruits like apple, orange, vegetable carrot, onion and egg boil all the ingredients in half bowl of water. Once all the ingredients cooked well make sure you mix all the ingredients with consistent texture and form large balls. Dust the large balls with the flour and make as top cover once the coating is well dried using cookie cutter or using knife cut them into smaller cookies.

In all above recipes if you do not have dehydrator you can bake them all in oven for maximum 6 to 8 hours to dehydrate and dry out them. Thus all these recipes remain to be best organic food for your dog that too you can make these recipes in easy way without having any trouble. While doing homemade recipe it is more important to ensure that you add ingredients based on your dog sensitivity. In case if your dog sensitive for items such as beef meat, corn, flour and many then you should find alternate for those items.



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