Do You Know Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs?

Many people think that pets are their family members, but dogs aren’t like people and dog also needs nutrition differ from the human. Dogs need protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins just like human being, but hey need different ratio of all these compared to human.

Puppies and working dogs needs meet added food for their better activeness. Your dog should get its protein from meat and products but before buying you should be careful about the foods you buy it for them. There is some unknown factor that they need dog nutrition which resolves the fat. If you give more fat to your dog’s then it will become fat, but fat is also vital to them for normal functions. Fat helps your dog’s coat from drying out and make their skin healthy. Half of your dog diet should consist of carbohydrates, which can be in the form of rice, corn, oats and vegetables. Should not use onions which deadly to the dogs.

Facts to understand about dog’s nutrition


There are types of dog foods available on the market, where all are made up of protein, minerals, vitamins etc. which will be equally distributed to all the dogs. All you should know is that what kind of nutrition does your dog needs. Is there any allergic thing due to some food or with any age related issues and the requirement of nutrition according to its age? By understanding the pros and cons of dog’s nutrition you will be able to find and ensure the best food for your four legged companion to live long and healthy life. Dog’s nutritional needs are going to change the growth of your dog and it supports him to developing the healthy condition. When puppies are dissuaded from their mother, they require a dog food which contains the dog’s nutritional needs to the development.


The growth and the development includes


  • Immune system development.
  • Muscles, joints and bones development.
  • Development of cognitive.
  • Internal organs, like brain will also continue to develop when it is growing. All of it growth requires calcium which helps to grow teeth and bones.
  • Protein helps to develop the internal organ, to build muscles and healthy coat.
  • Omega fatty acids which will keep dog healthy immune system with healthy fatty acids.

Foods which focus on the dog’s food nutritional needs for the puppy should have a healthy balance for all dogs as key. Pregnant dogs also need the dog nutrition like puppies at their different stages. Well developed and healthy adult dog needs more nutrition, which will balance with proteins, essential fats, grains and vitamins.

If you are going to buy commercialized food for you dogs, then you should get the high quality food with higher price then only the nutrition in the food will be equally distributed. The higher price of dog foods will have the better quality of the ingredients inside the pack. They also easily absorb your dog’s system. If you add meat, egg, yogurt, vegetables and grey pellets which has full of wheat and meals will help your dog to grow stronger.

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